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Shauna D.2/18/2012

Nashville, TN

I've spent the past couple of years on an amazing road trip that took me and my Liberty to 23 states and as far away as Maine. I've spent so much time in my Jeep that it's really not a car to me; it's a member of the family. Everyone knows Jeeps are tough but with just over 100k miles on mine, it's not surprising that a few things are starting to ask for attention.

Right after arriving back in CA, I found Ron DenBoer's Blackstone Jeepshop card on my window. Normally I indignantly crumple and toss anything left on my car but this time I didn't and thank goodness for that because a little while later, my water pump called it quits. I'm not from this area so my options were to either take my chances with a random general repair shop or try Blackstone. After a quick volley of emails, I brought my Jeep to Ron.

I'm absurdly protective of my car and trust no one to touch it, but right from the start Ron won me over. He's really good natured, straightforward, doesn't try to sell you shit you don't need, and just from watching him poke around the engine you can tell he knows what he's doing. I trust him completely. He'll show you what's going on under the hood if need be and doesn't treat you like an idiot if you have questions. I've been in there twice now and am amazed he doesn't charge an arm and a leg for service that great. I ended up with a shiny new water pump, two hoses, a radiator cap and a bunch of fluid for less than I would've expected to pay for just the pump alone. He even cleaned my engine and scraped the corrosion off my battery terminals without being asked to.

As if that wasn't enough, he's also open to letting you steal his ultra-smooth pens and doesn't mind if you ogle the customized Wrangler eye-candy invariably hanging around the shop.


  • Great shop

    Provided by YPmobile

    Great service with quick turn around. Ron is a knowledgeable Jeep guy. Costs are reasonable too, better than anyone else I've been to.


  • 4 stars

    DooglePS 09/21/2011

    I was very satisfied by the customer…

    I was very satisfied by the customer service here. I personally do not trust auto shops due to nickle and diming but the owner here shot it straight forward, not trying to sell me something that I did not need. He was very friendly and explained what I needed in a way that I understood as I am not a mechanic. Very reasonable pricing.  I will be returning


  • Idaho-19 03/26/2010

    will come again

    Definitly will bring my jeep back to BlackStone for services or repairs. A real professional, my jeep was ready the same day. He knew exactly what the problem was and took care of it the same day. Works by appointments only so you know your jeep gets worked on the same day you bring it in. Honest mechanic.

    5 stars

  • mechaniccritic1 08/12/08

    mechanic critic

    Finally a mechanic you can trust. Obviously an expert and honest.


  • 5 stars

    cl64blue 07/16/08

    Great Service BlackStone, 

    I had been having problems with my car and was not sure what to expect. Blackstone was able to detect the problem and efficiently and completely repair it. They were very helpful in explaining and answering all my questions, as a woman, I can appreciate that. I would definitely bring my car back for maintenance or anything else. Very happy with their service.


  • 5 stars

    jason679 04/28/08


    Very knowlegable and professional. Honest and makes you feel comfortable. You know they are looking out for your best interst.




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